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Once again, the time of year to make your significant other know how much you adore them has arrived.  Or, if you're single like me, a time to eat as much chocolate as possible until you puke.

Personally, I hate Valentine's Day.  Not because it's one of the biggest marketing gimmicks in history, or because it's a day to make people feel loved, or even because it makes single people NOT feel loved.

One year and three weeks ago, I was dumped before my birthday.  And as you could tell, my birthday is two weeks before Valentine's Day.  I was heartbroken because I was starting to plan things for Valentine's Day last year, and then I got dumped.

That is why I hate Valentine's Day.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go be as anti-social as possible today.


Solo3511 has started a donation pool!
6 / 100
Donations for OC entries in fanfictions.

1 Chapter appearance: 2 points

Minor Character spot: 4 points

Major Character Spot: 6 points

Here's my list of fanfictions that are available for OC's:

Kamen Rider Gaim (The Holy Armored Rider)

Familiar of Zero/Digimon Xros Wars (The Xros Heart Familiar)

Soul Eater/Final Fantasy VII (Fenrir's Soul)

Yugioh GX (We're Going to Duel Academy)

Bleach: Zanpakuto Arc and Winter War Arc (Waging War)

Pokemon Hoenn, Johto, and Unova (No titles as of yet)

Naruto Shippuden (Return to the Hidden Leaf)

Yugioh 5D's (No title as of yet)

Bakugan (The Three New Brawlers)

Yugioh Zexal (No title as of yet)

and Aquarion EVOL. (Element Pilots, Abductors, and Warriors)

Please provide a bio for your OC upon donation.

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Solo3511's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
If you could not tell, my favorite element is Fire, I like the color red, I like wolves, tigers, polar bears, and dogs. My favorite shows are Soul Eater, Generator Rex, Silent Library, Code Lyoko, Digimon, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and Total Drama series. I'm a good person who treasures his friends and family among all else (But I'm still protective of my material objects, DON'T TOUCH MY STUFFS!) and I'm into action/adventure kinda movies, plus I've always wanted a katana blade....

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, J-Rock, J-Pop
Favourite photographer: My cousin Jessie
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: hp PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Koopa
Wallpaper of choice: Incoherent Rage
Skin of choice: PALE IRISH!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Hmmm..... tough choice....
Personal Quote: Slash and Burn, Fira.


Steven Bradley by Solo3511
Steven Bradley
Here's another OC for you all.... and I tried my best to try and get his hair how I imagined it..... but unfortunately it would not do what I wanted.  I wanted his hair black with a blonde highlight in the front.

Name: Steven Bradley
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black (dyed blonde highlights)
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: High School student
Likes: Astronomy, stars, space, aliens, rockets, constellations.
Dislikes: Gangs, rapists, bullies, facial piercings, alcohol, heavy metal (surprisingly, huh?  You stereotyping morons)

Bio: Steven Bradley may not look like it, but he is an insanely enthusiastic astronomy student.  Since he was a kid, he always dreamed about going into space and making his dream of walking on the moon a reality.  So he worked hard in school to make sure that he did really well in science..... even if it meant slacking off in other subjects.  Growing up in Dakota City, Steven runs into more than just metahumans, but that doesn't mean he's not prepared for a fight.  His astronomy teacher, Mr. Roku Yoshizaki, was a former employee in Alva Industry's Astronomy department as part of R&D.  However, when he didn't agree with his colleague's work, he quit and took his own work with him..... the Fourze Driver and Astro Switches.  When Yoshizuki got in an accident, Steven took up the Driver and transformed into the space-themed hero, Fourze!  Now he fights alongside Static, Gear, and other heroes against the forces of evil!
Torajiro Tsukahara (Todoroki) by Solo3511
Torajiro Tsukahara (Todoroki)
We move from the real world to the virtual world with this character!

Name: Torajiro Tsukahara
Username: Todoroki
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (SAO), 16 (ALO), 17 (GGO)
Height: 5'4" (SAO), 5'9" (ALO), 5'10" (GGO)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Forest Green
Occupation: High School student, guitarist, VRMMO Player
Likes: Playing the guitar, video games, Sinon, mythology, music.
Dislikes: Killers, seafood, bad music, people who mistreat instruments.

Bio: Torajiro is your average high school student.  He goes to school, does his homework, plays on his guitar, listens to music, and plays video games..... but one video game he just couldn't stop play.  Literally.  Torajiro was one of the players who got stuck in the game of Sword Art Online for two years.  As a player, he went by the name Todoroki, and used a lance as his weapon of choice.  While trapped within the virtual world, he stumbled across a safe haven in one of the dungeons, which contained a secret quest that one wouldn't expect to find in SAO.  Said quest involved training in a dojo under an unnamed NPC simply called "Master".  During the quest, one would select an instrument and train on how to use it in combat.  While Torajiro was against the misuse of instruments, he had already accepted the quest and chose his favorite... the guitar.  After his training was complete, he was given two special quest items: the bladed guitar named Retsurai, and the wristband named Onjou.  With his new items, he would go on to become one of the most powerful players in all of SAO by bringing down the thunder!  And that is also quite literal.
Leo Khage by Solo3511
Leo Khage
This one kind of ties into Marcus in a way.

Name: Leo Khage (last name pronounced "cage")
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Sandy blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Occupation: High School dropout
Likes: Cake, Halloween, his friends, fireworks, music
Dislikes: Gangs, rapists, bullies, haircuts, drug dealers, cauliflower.

Bio: Leo dropped out of High School when he was 18 years old and his father, Adam, went missing.  Without any way to make money, Leo got by with life by partaking in the local underground fighting ring, which is also how he got the scar over his left eye.  But one day, he got an unmarked package with a letter inside from his father.  He couldn't disclose his location, but he told Leo that he's been working on a way to fight an incoming invasion and sent the only means of fighting back to his son.... to Leo.  In the package were a belt in the shape of a small calendar, and a set of tickets.  These were the Calendriver and the Holidates.  Using these tools, Leo transforms into Kamen Rider Holiday to fight the oncoming threat.

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